Welcome to Inside Water

Welcome to Inside Water. Australia is learning to adapt to an increasingly scarce water situation and I hope to share some of our experiences and insights in an international context.

Australia has made water management mistakes in the past, including over-allocation, environmental degradation, poor water use practices causing salinity, and failure to adequately manage the risks of a growing urban population. In many of these areas Australia has learned from the past and is finding new solutions to old problems.

Some of the ways that Australia is responding are through:

  • National integrated water policy
  • River basin/valley water sharing plans
  • Sustainable use and allocation programs
  • Water trading to underpin economic and industry efficiency
  • Major environmental flows investments
  • Dramatically reduced per capita urban demand and improved use efficiency
  • Diversified urban water supplies – including demand recycling and desalination

Through this blog I hope to get ‘Inside Water’, share our experiences and learn from yours. In order to start a dialogue I encourage your comments and feedback.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Inside Water

  1. I have been forwarded your blog by a friend. As I share an interest in water I am wondering why you have not addressed the issue of coal seam gas extraction and the excessive amount of water that this industry extracts eg 40,000 wells projected for Queensland and an estimated 350,000 megalitres of saline water extracted per annum. Issues such as why does the mining industry not have to pay for its waste or “incremental water” nor in fact account for this water. All vital issues.

    • Thanks for your reply Rosemary. I agree that water management in coal seam gas production is a very important issue, especially in Queensland (north-eastern Australia state, for international readers). My blog has only been running for one week so I hadn’t had the chance to get to that topic yet! But, I will do some research and get back with some thoughts soon.

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