Environmental Water Update

The National Water Commission today released the Australian environmental water management report 2010 which, it claims, presents a comprehensive picture of Australia’s current environmental water management arrangements. According to the NWC, the report will help build better understanding of the often complex concepts and management mechanisms involved in environmental water management in Australia. The report provides a number of key findings:

  • Environmental water management is a complex task that has developed in response to vastly different water resources around the country and a range of historical demands on those resources.
  • While the ‘delivery’ of water through water access entitlements for environmental purposes in the Murray-Darling Basin has received widespread public attention, environmental water management around Australia is primarily based on ‘restrictions on extraction’ from water resources, through water plans and conditions on water access entitlements.
  • While the determination of environmental water requirements and the commitment of such water is improving, the detail, frequency and geographic coverage of monitoring, reporting and review of environmental water use and outcomes varies around Australia.

You can download the report here and read more about environmental water management in Australia in my blogs from 26 November and 30 September.

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